• Binance is set to begin operations in Japan and acquire Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC).
• A study found that millennials are the dominant group of crypto enthusiasts.
• Canadian police issued warnings after a senior was scammed out of $7.5 million in cryptocurrency. Hamas has also stopped accepting donations in Bitcoin.

Binance to Begin Japan Operations

Binance is set to begin operations in the Japanese market, according to a notice published on Friday. The major exchange acquired regulated Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC) last year, with existing services on SEBC terminating on May 31, while Binance Japan will launch after June 2023.

Millennials are Dominant Crypto Enthusiast Group

Bitget released an extensive study on the relationship between demographic changes and cryptocurrency adoption rates among different generations, finding that millennials are the dominant group of crypto enthusiasts, comprising 46% of respondents. The statistics indicate uneven use of digital assets among different age groups, especially in countries with long life expectancies and a highly educated population such as Japan. Each successive generation is more eager for their representatives in power to have a similar interest in regulating blockchain assets, with a significant spike in percentage at 6% to 27% among Gen Xers and Millennials respectively.

Canadian Police Issue Warnings After $7.5M Scam

A Canadian senior was scammed out of more than $7.5 million dollars in a cryptocurrency ruse, prompting the latest warning from police about cryptocurrency-based fraud schemes reported by the National Post. The elaborate con lasted several months and included the victim being scammed out of money both in the original fraud and then by someone claiming they could help get her money back – which is still under investigation by authorities.

Hamas Stops Crypto Donations

The military arm of the Palestinian militant group Hamas will stop accepting donations in bitcoin (BTC), Shehab reported citing a message posted to a Telegram group which stated that donations via BTC would halt for “the safety and security of our people” due to world powers imposing economic sanctions on Hamas-affiliated individuals or entities receiving funds through cryptocurrencies or other means .


Cryptocurrency usage continues to gain traction across generations despite warnings from authorities surrounding scams related to digital assets being circulated globally – with particular caution needed when donating funds through cryptocurrencies due to potential economic sanctions imposed by governmental powers worldwide.