• Donald Trump released a collection of NFTs in mid-December for $99 each.
• Buyers of the NFTs entered into a sweepstake, with prizes including a Zoom call with Trump.
• NFTs with access passes to the Zoom call have been traded for less than $25 over the past few days.

Former US President Donald Trump recently released a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “Trump Cards,” which feature a series of digital “cards” depicting him in various iconic poses and situations. The cards were priced at $99 each and there were a total of 45,000 NFTs minted on the Polygon platform, a layer-two scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain and allows for speedy transactions and low fees.

In addition to the NFTs themselves, buyers were also eligible to enter into a sweepstake, with the chance of winning prizes, including a gala dinner, a game of golf, or a group Zoom call with the former president. Starting last month, NFT owners started to receive those NFT access passes in the form of airdrops, and the rollout is still ongoing, with some NFT perk passes sent to card buyers as recently as this morning.

The NFTs with access passes to a group Zoom call with Trump have been the most actively traded and flipped. While the NFTs are not commanding the highest prices, many have been sold for less than $25 worth of ETH, data from OpenSea shows. Each Zoom call with the former president will include up to 2,000 people and last for 20 minutes. Participants would have a chance to submit questions prior to the call but there is no guarantee they will receive an answer.

The rare NFTs have become a popular item among crypto collectors and investors, despite the fact that many of them are selling for a fraction of their initial asking price. It is an interesting opportunity for those interested in the digital art space, as well as those who want to get an exclusive chance to interact with the former president. With the NFT market still in its infancy, it is likely that more collections like Trump’s will be released in the future.