• US inflation data has been released, driving up the value of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.
• US regulators have shown support for banks that accept cryptocurrency, boosting investor confidence in the financial sector.
• As a result, the overall market worth has risen and Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed the $24,000 mark.

Latest Bitcoin Price Predictions

The recent surge in BTC’s value was ignited by the US regulators’ backing for Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, which many investors and traders viewed as a positive signal for the overall banking sector. Consequently, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have seen an increase in their values, contributing to an overall market worth rise. This move has instilled investor confidence and reinstated trust in the financial sector leading to a surge in cryptocurrency demand. Therefore, the future of cryptocurrencies seems optimistic especially as US authorities have shown readiness to support banks that accept cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Market Surpasses $1 Trillion

Despite the recent closures of banks that were friendly towards cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency market climbed above $1.08 trillion for the first time in weeks. This surge was driven mainly by Bitcoin (BTC), which rose nearly 10% to surpass the $24,000 mark, hitting a two-week high. Ethereum (ETH) also witnessed a boost; rising above $1,600.

Positive Impact on Cryptocurrencies

The recent rally in BTC’s price has had a positive impact on other cryptocurrencies as well with Ethereum (ETH) currently trading above $1,600 and several others witnessing an increase in their values too. This trend is likely to continue given that US authorities are now showing readiness to support banks that accept cryptocurrency transactions thus restoring investor confidence in digital currencies.


Overall cryptocurrency prices have seen an upward trend due largely to increased mainstream adoption of digital currencies following US regulators’ backing of banks accepting crypto transactions along with other favorable conditions like low interest rates and increasing liquidity levels among others factors supporting higher prices across different coins including Bitcoin (BTC). As such it is expected that these trends will continue over time making it profitable for investors who choose to invest now while prices remain low or at least relatively low compared to historic highs.